Our vision

Life should not be about what you have to do,

Life should be about what you WANT to do!

We strongly believe that our world is sick... We think there should be no border, no schedule and no boss... You should be able to work in Tokyo one week and in New York the next week. And most of all, you should have time and money to do what really matters to you. Life should be an adventure and earth should be your playground.

myvibe.life is an online platform that let you work from anywhere, at anytime, on your mobile. We have created this platform in order to help everyone get a touch of this freedom we all deserve.

Our Platform

Few examples of what will be soon available on our platform

Complete A Task
Watch ads and movie trailers, rate pages, test games and always get reward for it
Online Shop
Shop on our online boutique to buy your local currency (CAD, USD, EURO,YUAN and more)
Answer Survey
Market research, personality test and more
Our Currency
In order to provide service worldwide, we have created our own currency that you can spend in our online shop
Mistery Customer
Launch your GPS, find the nearest store and evaluate your local merchant
Affiliate Program
We want you to do this full time, join our affiliate program! (100% optionnal)

Affiliate Program

we have put in place one of the most amazing affiliate program for our users

Ongoing Bonus
Ongoin Bonus
On top of your bonus, get a 10% royalty on every income of your referal!

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